BRAMANTE brand was born in Sansepolcro, the Tuscan town of Piero della Francesca. The territory, rich in artistic ideas, tradition and history, provides the appropriate humus to the brand identity, that wants to express the force of roots with technical mastery and innovation. Since its inception, BRAMANTE proposes a perfect blend of ability and creativity, anchoring to its own DNA a message of quality and elegance.


Today, at its 30th anniversary, Bramante is at the highest levels of retail distribution both in Italy and abroad, maintaining the tradition and the taste that only a “Made in Italy” brand can give, thanks to the attention to details and to an indisputable quality that remains over time. The Company, under the guidance of the new generations, has the dynamic push needed for inclusion in the current fashion scene. The careful study of trends, a constant research on manufacturing techniques and the exclusive worldwide yarns have always been the main features that make a BRAMANTE garment.

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